Infinity is Growing

Q: What is changing?

A: Infinity Financial Advisors, Allegiance Financial Planning and Hamilton Insurance & Investment Services (HIIS) have combined forces to form an even stronger financial advisory firm for our existing and new clients. This news is a result of the vision and hard work of our people, who make our teams what they are today, raising the bar for what we can be tomorrow.

Q: Why is this occurring?

A: The joint Infinity, Allegiance and HIIS leadership teams have identified synergies within our companies which will see us being able to service our clients even better in the future.

Q: Who is Infinity?

A: Infinity Financial Advisors are a local advisory who have received national recognition for our active approach to investment. The Infinity team believe it is in the active management of money that gains are made and we are renowned for our investment expertise.

Q: How will this change affect me?

A: Our goal is for this change to be a benefit to you as a client. You will be in control of how, if in any way, this change can aid you. You can maintain the advisor you have today or, you can opt to access additional expert advisors and services.

Q: Will fees or commissions increase as a result of this change?

A: There will be no change to current fee structure.

Q: How is this a benefit to me?

A: Each of our teams have our own specific focus areas. Allegiance and HIIS specialise in financial planning. Infinity specialises in investing. Together, we will look after you as well as before, and in some instances in a more holistic way. We are now several expert advisors with the required qualifications to look after your affairs. As a result, you are not depending on one or two key people and can have the peace of mind you have a team of advisors who can support you when needed.

Q: When will this change occur?

A: This change is already underway, and we aim for this transition to be as seamless as possible for you. We look forward to greeting you at our new office.

Q: Where is the new office?

A: Our new office is located at Level 1, 47 Darby Street, Newcastle 2300.

Q: Will there be parking?

A: There will be ample on-site parking for clients at the front of the building.

Q: How will a change in your Financial Service Licensee impact me?

A: It will have no impact on you or your investments. This is an administrative change.

Q: How can I learn more about Infinity and the people who work there?

A: You can access information about us here:

Q: How can I find out more about this change?

A: You can talk to any of your trusted advisors at any time. Our contact details are here: 

Joining Forces

We are excited about this change. Our combined team will have the scale, breadth and capability to service our clients even more effectively in the Hunter.

This news is a result of the hard work of our people, who make our team what they are today and raise the bar for what we can be tomorrow.