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Live the Life You Want

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Welcome to Infinity Financial Advisors. We approach investing and superannuation differently. We make your money work for you every day, rather than once every blue moon.
We are active in the way we manage money for our clients, at a time when many follow a set and forget approach. We combine fundamental analysis and technical analysis in a way few others can.
financial advisor Newcastle

Live the Life You Want


I would like to map out how I can live the life I want.


I want to make sure I’m getting the right outcome with my super.


I would like to protect what matters most in my life.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

We are Client First

We focus on your goals and achieving them is our goal.creating wealth provides you with freedom of choice in life.

We are Candid, Transparent and Open

We care about you and each other. We know direct conversation helps us to be our best.

We Simplify the Complex

our communication is clear, concise, useful and timely.

400+ happy clients and counting

financial advisor Newcastle