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What We Are All About

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“Our clients want freedom of choice. In today’s world, the currency for this freedom is more often than not money”.
Andrew Masson,

Infinity Managing Director.

About Infinity

Infinity Financial Advisors was established by Managing Director, Andrew Masson in 2016. After two decades in a national advisory firm, Andrew saw an opportunity to offer people a more agile and transparent way of investing their superannuation. The firm has since grown its client base to over 300 happy clients and $150 million in funds under management. Infinity Financial Advisors has a team of experienced advisors, having secured national talent and recently joined forces with two respected local firms.

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Our Values

Our Philosophy

It’s hard to get results if you don’t put in the work. We think the same way about investing.

We are active, at a time when many follow a ‘set and forget’ approach. This requires strong fundamental analysis and deep knowledge of investment decisions. Clients want to know where their money is invested.

Our Purpose

We believe your money should work as hard as you have. This is why we optimize your portfolio on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so you will be in a position to live the life you want.

Our People

experienced financial advisors

Andrew Masson

Managing Director

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Andrew’s passion for investing is contagious. As a client, you’re likely to feel engaged and excited about your portfolio like you’ve never before. Like any driven individual he’s up each morning, enjoying his coffee by 4.00am followed by a swim in the ocean – every day of the year!

Anita Pugh

Operations Manager

Meet Anita, the mastermind of efficiency, with an unparalleled knack for organisation and a passion for crafting meticulous lists. Juggling multiple tasks effortlessly, she ensures that all operations run seamlessly. Having explored over 50 countries, Anita possesses a wealth of worldly experience. Beyond her adventures, she holds expertise as a certified Nutritionist. Whether you seek advice on supplements or crave inspiration for your next getaway, Anita is your go-to guru.

Jared Olive

Senior Financial Planner

Jared brings extensive experience to Infinity, having advised major institutions in Sydney. When not managing portfolios or devising Super strategies, he’s an accomplished pianist, starting at age 4, and a seasoned traveller, having lived in Europe and explored the Middle East, Asia, and beyond.

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Penelope Taylor

Client Manager

Affectionately known a “P”, Penelope is there for everyone and always up for a chat. Dependable & resourceful, she is your phone a friend, for any questions you have. Outside the office, P’s happy place is, drifting around at anchor on her yacht, watching the sun go down on another glorious day, with some good food, company, and of course the appropriate beverage!

Dianne Murphy


Meet Di, an intuitive and empathetic individual with a knack for ensuring thing runs smoothly and on time. Her journey began in outback New South Wales, where she honed her skills around agriculture and animal husbandry. From sleeping under the vast expanse of stars to nurturing her vegetable garden, Di finds solace and fulfillment in the simplicity of life. She brings a down to earth approach to her role with Infinity, giving particular emphasis on addressing personal goals and objectives. Preferring the desert’s embrace over the bustling city, she remains deeply connected to nature and is excited to delve into the world of hydroponics as she continues to cultivate her passion.

Tracey Pepperall

Client Services Manager

Having worked in the finance industry for many years, Tracey is a client services manager extraordinaire.  She is kind and attentive and loves nothing more than making things as easy as possible for her clients.  In her spare time through the Wesley Mission Aunties and Uncles program, Tracey is a mentor for young kids regularly spending time with them to help nurture them to reach their full potential.  She is also involved with weekly visits for the elderly in aged care facilities who have no family.  With a large blended family to keep her busy and a beautiful granddaughter to spoil, when not doing volunteer work Tracey loves going to the movies and attending trivia nights with friends.