What our clients say

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about their experience with Infinity Financial Advisors.

Making the Last Decade of my Career Count

After spending my entire career with an industry superannuation fund, a recent change of circumstance made me realise that I only have ten years to maximise my portfolio if I want to enjoy a comfortable retirement. I felt safe in my industry fund so was apprehensive to change, but after speaking to the two Andrews from Infinity, I learnt that I could open a self-managed super fund without taking on too much risk. I felt extremely comfortable making the change as the Andrew’s didn’t oversell the rate of return, they were conservative. They explained that even a 2% increase in returns could account to an extra $150K at retirement. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my lifestyle will not have to change when I retire. I will even have extra money to do the things I love, like travel. I find the Infinity team to be responsive, proactive and approachable, but most importantly, they are nice people.

Kath Elliott

Diversifying my Portfolio

Choosing to work with Infinity, for me, was about diversifying my portfolio with paper assets. I’ve always thought it important to have money invested in asset categories other than property and my business. I chose Infinity because of Andrew’s passion for managing wealth. It is his knowledge of investing and how to protect the downside that draws people to him. Since working with Infinity, my super portfolio has outperformed the market significantly. Before Infinity helped me set up a self-managed super fund, I was with a commercial fund who were very disappointing in both returns and customer service. I felt like just a number to them, however at Infinity, there’s a real focus on clients and a desire to achieve outcomes. Engagements with Infinity are energising, and Andrew is so enthusiastic about how he can help people. Knowing that I will be able to have a comfortable retirement with my wife is an invaluable feeling that Infinity played a large role in creating.

Tim Ryan

Investing with Integrity

For me, choosing to work with Infinity was all about trust. Someone very wise once told me, “you want your stockbroker to be someone you’d be comfortable leaving your children with”. This resonated deeply with me and knowing Andrew socially, he fit this description perfectly. Not only did I trust Andrew, but I knew his passion for investing is unbridled and that he invests with integrity. Andrew and the team helped me set up a self-managed super fund to ensure everything will be in place when I retire. Something that has been very important for me is that unlike the banks, the Infinity team really tailor your portfolio and truly have your best interest at heart. Investing ethically is very important to me and the Infinity team help me make responsible decisions for my portfolio. This gives me great peace of mind to know that my investment decisions will not impact negatively on the world that my kids and grandchildren will be living in when I am gone. After working with Infinity, I have a very bright outlook for the future, for both me and my family.

Garth Ashford

Not Just Another Cog in the Corporate Machine

When Amanda and I first moved to Newcastle five years ago, we chose to use one of the biggest financial firms in the city. After a year with them, a large bill turned up with no explanation as to what we were supposed to be getting for our money.  There was no plan in place to ensure our needs were being met or that our portfolio would grow over the next few years. To us, it seemed like they’d just set us up on a billing cycle and put our portfolio on autopilot.  We were not happy. Luckily, one day we walked past the Infinity office and decided to give them a call. After checking them out online it became obvious that Andrew was well established in Newcastle and came with excellent credentials and reputation. What we love about Infinity is that they create  clearly defined strategies to grow our wealth, now and in the future as things change. We found that everyone on the team is very real and down to earth.  The most important aspect of the relationship we’ve formed with Andrew and the team is trust. Trust that they will look after our finances.  Trust that they will make decisions and recommendations that benefit us in our particular financial position. It is completely different to our previous experience where we felt we were swallowed up in a corporate quagmire. Since being with Infinity, our portfolio has performed very well indeed.  They’ve taken away the worry and replaced it with confidence. Instead of watching every movement of the portfolio, we leave Andrew and the team to get on with what they do best -that is grow our wealth. We have every confidence that Infinity is working hard on our behalf, every day.

Jeremy and Amanda Brew


Looking After Things so I Can Get Back to What’s Important

With four kids and two businesses to run, my wife and I did not have time to worry about our investment portfolio. We were looking for an advisor we could trust to maximise our funds but who would not involve us in the day-to-day running of things. Andrew came highly recommended and after our first consultation, we felt comfortable knowing that he and the Infinity team had the in-depth understanding of investment that we didn’t. In the short time that we have been with Infinity, our portfolio’s growth has far exceeded our expectations. The best thing to us, is that it has been with minimal input from my wife and I. Andrew knows we are both busy so when he rings, he keeps it brief and asks yes or no questions. The Infinity team are the experts, so we trust their guidance. We feel very comforting knowing that Andrew and the team are there overlooking the future of our family.

Josh Ferris