Dedicated Investment Committee provides clients an edge

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Dedicated Investment Committee provides clients an edge

Infinity Financial Advisors has established a dedicated Investment Committee to provide improved market agility for its clients.

The Committee is led by Andrew Lindner who has stepped away from his client facing role as Portfolio Manager to lead the Investment Committee full time.

He is joined by Infinity Managing Director Andrew Masson, Lisa Gamble and external assets consultant Craig Ferguson who is the Director of Strategy at Antipodean Capital.

“I’m excited to be focussing all my energy on this new area of our business,” said Andrew Lindner.

“Andrew Masson and I both come from an investment background and have a strong commitment to providing quality investment advice.”

“Craig Ferguson brings his expertise in forecasting global, Australian and New Zealand financial markets which is a real coup for our clients.”

Investment Committee

Infinity Managing Director Andrew Masson said the Investment Committee meets monthly to map model portfolios for Infinity’s clients.

“Model portfolios provide our clients with an actively managed portfolio which utilises a broad range of asset classes and investments to achieve returns. This enables us to invest more in opportunities where we see the highest risk adjusted return, while deliberately avoiding areas of increased risk. We’ve essentially doubled the amount of levers we can pull to generate investment returns.”

“Our agility to respond to changing market conditions is a great benefit to our clients by delivering higher investment returns over time.”

“Infinity’s Investment Committee has a unique approach which combines a rigorous and disciplined process with our common-sense approach to investment selection. We’re not bound by overbearing investment restrictions imposed by large institutions. If we don’t see a favourable risk adjusted return in one asset class or investment, we don’t have to invest there for clients,” said Andrew Masson.

The change in structure has allowed Andrew Lindner to lead the Committee, creating an opportunity for new financial planners to join the business. This diversity of skills ensures Infinity can provide a broad range of holistic financial advice to its clients.

If you’d like to find out more about Infinity’s Investment Committee and discuss optimising your investments, contact the team today to book an appointment.

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