Designing your Roadmap to Personal Wealth during a Pandemic

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Designing your Roadmap to Personal Wealth during a Pandemic

The economic shift caused by the pandemic has led many Australian families to take a reactive approach to their finances.

Fear and the growing pressure to do something to protect their wealth has left people feeling unsure of the right direction to take to achieve their goals. Financial security and wealth creation have long been pursued by many Australians.

Yet, Financial Planner Steve Moore believes the answer lies in investing in an area that delivers the greatest possible return – knowledge – and that positive results can be seen when the economy is at its worst.

A Hunter local, Steve recently joined Infinity Financial Advisors, which has continued its growth in 2020.

Managing Director, Andrew Masson said Steve’s appointment at Infinity will help more Hunter and Newcastle locals access the support they need to achieve their goals financially.

“Financial success isn’t built in a day. It’s a long game and it is to people’s detriment to act rashly when the economy takes a hit. In fact, if there is a year to be taking control of your financial future, it is this year,” Andrew said.

Steve is an experienced financial planner who works with clients to design a roadmap to personal wealth, providing guidance so they can make financial decisions with confidence.

“With an individual and strategic approach to each client’s financial situation Steve’s background includes superannuation, mortgage broking and personal insurance, so he’s expertly placed to assess each clients’ current financial position and make recommendations for improvement that will help them achieve their goals. We’re thrilled to have him join the team.”

Steve believes everyone knows what they want to do with their money and it’s his job as a financial planner to help them find the best way to achieve this.

“Whether it’s superannuation, property, shares or setting up for retirement, I’m here to help clients create a strategy that puts them in a better financial position,” Steve said.

“I believe in putting the client in the driver’s seat, so they have control of their financial journey.

“I like to think of myself as their navigator who works with them to create a roadmap to their financial destination. This includes overcoming any potential bumps in the road to ensure their financial health in the future.”

Steve said he is excited to have joined the team at Infinity Financial Advisors.

“The company’s values are what drew me to working with Infinity. They are 100 percent focused on the client and achieving their goals. We believe in simplifying the process for our clients so they have a clear picture of how they can achieve their financial objectives,” he said.

“I’m most passionate about helping people who are concentrating on accumulating wealth. I enjoy working with clients to create a strategy that considers their superannuation, mortgage, personal insurance, and estate planning arrangements and uses current regulation and legislation to make sure they’re all set up to the client’s advantage.”

Originally from Scone, Steve moved to Newcastle to study and completed his Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), majoring in Accounting and Finance at the University of Newcastle.

“I feel privileged to be working at Infinity and living in Newcastle. The atmosphere, lifestyle, and beaches are second to none.”

When he’s not helping clients achieve their financial goals, Steve spends most of his time enjoying the outdoors.

“In summer I’m usually somewhere on the water or heading out camping. In the cooler months, I love hiking and snowboarding.”

Founded in 2016, Infinity Financial Advisors has quickly established itself as a leading financial advisory firm in the Hunter Region and beyond. The Infinity team have received national recognition for their active approach to investing and are working with clients Australia wide.

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